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Child Of Earth

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This journal is meant to document my life as a Pagan. I have been Pagan all my life but I didn't know it until I was about 9 years old. In this journal I discuss my life as a 20 year old witch in Canadian society. I also discuss discoveries I've made about myself, and about my spirituality. The journal is friends only because the contents are very personal and I don't like to reveal my inner thoughts to complete strangers. You do not need to be pagan to have access to this journal, but I ask that if you would like to friend me that you give me good reason to allow you to read the journal. Tell me something about yourself such as your age, your spiritual beliefs and the specific reason for adding me.
The stylesheet for my layout was created by ingrid_tonks and can be found in her icon community gigiicons. The textures used in my header and friends only banner were created by kisuncha.
acceptance, air, altered states, alternative lifestyle, ancient history, anthropology, arthurian legend, astral projection, autumn, autumnal equinox, avalon, beaches, beltane, blueberry wine, book of shadows, brews, camp fires, camping, canada, candles, canoeing, cartoons, celtic, clear night skies, clouds, coffee, corsets, crystal balls, dianic, diety, divination, dreaming, druid, druids, earth, elizabethan era, english, esbat, ethics, evocation, falconry, fire, flowers, forests, god, goddess, goddesses, gods, grapefruit juice, grimoire, handfasting, harm none, harmony, herb magic, herbalism, herbs, hiking, imbolc, incense, invocation, kindness, knitting, lavender, lightning, literature, lord and lady, love, lughnasadh, mabon, magic, magic circle, magick, mead, meditation, midsummer, moon, music, mythology, nature, neo-pagan, neopaganism, oak trees, oils, ostara, pagan, paganism, pagans, panthiesm, parry sound, peace, pentagram, personal power, philosophy, playing guitar, polytheism, practical magic, psychic mind, psychism, rain, reincarnation, religion, renaissance festivals, ritual, ritual consciousness, rituals, sabbat, sachet, sacred, samhain, scott cunningham, scrying, shakespeare, shamanism, silver, singing, spell, spirits, spiritual, spiritualism, spirituality, spring equinox, stone henge, summer solstice, sun god, sunsets, sweaters, talisman, tattoos, tea, the canadian shield, the elements, thunder, tidyness, traditions, visualization, water, wicca, wiccan, wiccans, willow trees, wind, winter solstice, witch, witchcraft, witches, writing, yule